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Window cleaning isn’t always just about wiping a little glass cleaner on your windows to make them look better.  And lets face it, its not as easy at it sounds.  Have you ever spent the weekend cleaning your windows, only to find all of the streaks that you left behind when you are done? Don’t waste your weekend! Call a professional.

Our service is much more than just cleaning glass.  We remove your screens and clean them, wipe down your frames, clean your sills and flush out the debris that builds up in the corners or the tracks and sills.   Our crew is well trained and very conscientious of your needs and your property. Small things like never entering your home without shoe covers go a long way.

While we never try to sell you on other services while we are on the job, sometimes the scope of the job is a little bit more than a standard window cleaning can achieve.  Your glass may need restoration due to oxidation from metal screens or hard water stains from your irrigation.  Below you will see before and after pictures of some hard water staining on some glass that we buffed out.  Some companies like to use acid to dissolve the stains but that in itself can cause damage to the glass, frames, sills and your siding if not used carefully.  We try to avoid acids when possible.

Sometimes, there is nothing better than a clean window.  Homeowner or business owner, kitchen window or storefront display, clean windows can make a huge difference in the way you see things, and the way others see YOU! The professionals at Wagner Window Service have been providing exceptional window cleaning services to the New Orleans and Surrounding area for years.  Our professional techniques, state of the art equipment and experience allow us to provide you with the best window cleaning service available. 


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Regular Window Cleaning Maintenance Contracts Available

We know that it can be difficult to make time to get your windows clean.  If you decide to have your windows cleaned professionally, it can be time consuming to research a contractor, get an estimate, and schedule the work.  By using a window cleaning maintenance contract, not only do you get to skip most of that, but you also earn a discount on your window cleaning services!

Our typical contract for storefronts are weekly or monthly cleanings while standard commercial and mid-rise buildings are quarterly or biannually.  Our contracts are extended to residential as well with some customers having their windows washed quarterly or biannually as well.

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